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Staffing service at the Dall'Ara stadium, the story of a fan

Not just security service: our Stewards take care of all fans' needs

On 25 November 2018 Bologna Fiorentina was played at the Stadio Dall'Ara in Bologna. Vivaevents organized the staffing service at the stadium, as it happens during every home game. In the e-mail that we publish below, the words of Filippo, a Bologna fan, who we wish to share to underline the importance of our stewards' work, which not only contributes to the safety at the stadium, but they also takes care of the fans paying attention to each needs.

"Good morning,

my name is Filippo Agostini and, as a fan of Bologna, last Sunday I was attending the Bologna-Fiorentina match at the Dall'Ara stadium together with my son and father (unfortunately Fiorentina fan ...) in the G sector.
I come quickly to the point: at about the 20 minute of the first half, while I was following an action, I was energetically called by a person in the row behind mine who told me that my father (74 years old) was feeling bad; indeed it was already unconscious, with eyes and mouth wide open and compromised breathing ...
So here is the reason for my email: I feel the need to thank all those who helped us at the stadium in the following minutes, in detail:

  • The steward placed on the stairs near our seats that immediately alerted the rescue

  • The fans in our area who helped me to support my father and remove it from the seats to allow him to reach the stretcher;

  • All the Red Cross operators intervened very quickly (I believe within a minute of the alarm sent by the steward) that, in addition to rescuing my father, they also bothered to give me all the explanations of the case;

  • The stewards manager who, in addition to assisting me in these excited phases, he also took care about the correct assignment of my 8 year old son to some friends of mine present at the stadium;

  • And finally, but certainly first for importance, without me wanting others, the Red Cross doctor (of which unfortunately I do not know the name) [...]: now, after a few days, is conscious and is recovering in more than satisfying way.
    Not knowing then who to address a huge THANKS from me and my family I thought to send it directly to you, hoping that you can get it to the recipients mentioned above. "

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